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Student ICAP Rebuild

Student ICAP within their Student Portal

Student Individual Career And Academic Plans (ICAP) Rebuild

Application Purpose

The Student ICAP application gives students a way of answering targeted questions based on their grade level and ICAP lessons within their Student Portal. Students can easily access their ICAP in 10 languages for current and historical grade levels and download their plans for reference upon graduation. Completion data from all students' plans is sent to centralized databases for reporting and other On Track to Graduate tracking applications to ensure students are meeting their graduation requirement (per the Colorado Department of Education).

Major application features include:

  • Form application built within Liferay inside the district's Student Portal

  • Plan surveys are available to students in all 10 consent decree languages

  • Student access scaled to allow concurrent user sessions of all students with autosaving

  • Data transfers to centralized databases for district reporting and On Track to Graduate application

  • Separate application component for Counselor roles to monitor student entry on their ICAP forms

  • Separate application component for Admin roles to edit content of the ICAP forms for students with various languages and provide additional user access to ICAP form monitoring

Language Selector

Edit ICAP Content

Counselor View

Project Roadmap

Sample Requirement - Gherkin format with additional success criteria areas.

Built within

Project Stats

11 Epics, 74 Requirements, 8 Sprints

138 Estimated Story Points

Team: 4 Dev, 1 QA, 2 BI, 3 Business


Dynamic form for school partners to submit notes and ratings based on district centralized data

English Language Acquisition (ELA) Program Review

Application Purpose

Provide central office employees with a method of rating and documenting supporting evidence in an online form experience along side centralized district data. Central office employees work with school leadership to ensure schools' program implementation efforts meet the needs of English Language Learners. The ELA Program Review application supports Denver Public Schools' requirement to submit schools' program progress to the Department of Justice.

Major application features include:

  • Form application built within Liferay

  • Administrative functions for Access Management and Form Management

  • Completion Report dashboard providing data from all school forms

  • Print/View Forms hub for easily downloading multiple forms for the Department of Justice and review with school leadership

Completion Report

Access Management

Print/View Forms

Built within

Project Stats

9 Epics, 86 Requirements, 9 Sprints

132 Estimated Story Points

Team: 3 Dev, 1 QA, 2 BI, 2 Business


February 2019 - Introduction and overview of the Teacher Portal Redesign feedback group in Schoology.


Illuminate at DPS 18-19, Talkthrough w/Derek

August 2018 - Start of year messaging presentation with talkthrough videos for all district users.


June 2015 - Conference session promotion video. Space left in scripting to allow for text overlays.

Sample Documents and Media

Schoolnet Assess Training: Agenda

(.ppt download for correct formatting and animations)