02/2022: All pages reviewed and many were given a general refresh for better mobile and desktop presentation. Sample work page updated with more current work as Product Owner. Tools of the trade page was updated with more tools that I currently use as Product Owner. Resume and relevant documents page updated with current resume and CV with added certificates.

12/2019: Added more tools of the trade, made Next text links easier to use, updated about the employee to have more clickable images for navigation

03/2019: Added Prosci Change Management Certificate and updated InVision Prototype

02/2019: Added Teacher Portal Redesign introduction video to Schoology course. Lots added to "About the Employee" section and "Sample Work Content" section

11/2018: Added DiSC to About the Employee section. More work needs to be done prior to releasing the full section.

09/2018: Minor visual updates with new pix and some more prelim work on Work Samples section. Uploaded cust serv kudos letter for 08/2018

03/2018: Yay! Favicon functionality now possible just in time for π day!

02/2018: finalizing and ensuring all links and work connected, expected to be completed Mar 1ish

01/2018: begin migration to new Google Sites, old Google sites deprecated

11/2016: updated with new 2019 exp. CO license, updated resume, general updates - all pages

01/2014: moved portfolio from Foliotek to Google sites due to Foliotek expiring, rerouted meta

06/2013: added Colorado license to Credentials tab

03/2013: added Current tab, uploaded resources, adjusted Welcome tab

03/2013: fixed Wordpress mapping, metascript re-enabled, resume updated

01/2013: renewed 1yr w/foliotek, metascript disabled

08/2012: checked in, updated address, checked credentials for CO license

06/2011: updated credentials tab with photography credits AJB+Carey's book

06/2011: updated resumé and further mention of secure docs on credentials tab

03/2011: updated page with new "Sports" tab, hyperlinked all images to expand

02/2011: developed meta-script to reroute user into portfolio, bypassing login process

01/2011: fixed teaching award down link, added awards/recognition

12/2010: included nj license in credentials tab

11/2010: updated resume in credentials tab, confirmed linked content

11/2008: minor edits made, access instructions (print-form) with general access key

10/2008: added inspiration and updates section, revisions and touch-ups made

07/2008: updated resumé

05/2008: beyond traditional practices added

03/2008: updated resumé and credentials section, slight formatting change

04/2007: portfolio goes online