Beyond Traditional Practices

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Angles Through Billiards

My lesson design often include students' interests and games. This lesson incorporated students' familiarity with billiards and proving angles congruent.

Parabolas Through Video Games

Instruction needs to run parallel to what students experience in their own lives. Many of my students play video games. Through the use of computer and projection technology, students were able to move Nintendo's Mario across a coordinate plane and develop quadratic functions of his path.

The Mobile Classroom

In many cases, school facilities are not large enough to accommodate rapidly increasing enrollment rates. As such, teachers are required to maintain a "mobile" classroom, transitioning from room to room. When mobile, the focus is maintaining engaging environments while moving between multiple spaces, within bell passing time.

Here's mine. 0.5m x 1.0m

Show Us: Digital Meets Organic Analog

Technology integration in the classroom is a primary component of my students' learning environment. Even if resources are limited for student's personal use, relatively inexpensive devices and device set-ups may be used to engage all students during lessons.

"Who would like to show us her/his work on problem 5?" With technology progressing rapidly, mathematics still relies on hand written work. The hand drawing and writing elements in mathematics present themselves as art. Student's are able to present their "art" done on paper instantly to the class without having to draw it again.

Students also enjoyed that they were able to "write in the book". A textbook was placed underneath the camera, projected onto the white board, and students would use dry erase markers to write on the image projected.